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Building wheels from dev versions

Building wheels from dev versions

Paul Moore
2012-10-24 @ 10:17
One very nice feature of the new pip wheel command is the fact that
you can build wheels from VCS checkouts:

pip wheel hg+

That was very unexpected to me, and it was a real pleasure to find
that it worked. I keep finding new tricks with pip :-)

Unfortunately, building sdists using the "obvious" parallel of "pip
install -d dest hg+" doesn't work.
This immediately made me think of Marcus' comment on the design of the
pip wheel command "why be so specific, why not have a pip build
command that can build wheels and other formats?" This use case is the
nearest I've come to an argument in favour of a more general pip build
command. I don't know how often people would use a "pip build sdist"
command in practice, though - it's a very long-winded way of doing pip
install -d if you're building from a sdist, but definitely not if
you're building from something else, as in this case.

Just a thought.