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Fwd: Status Update from WebFWD - Jan 20th

Fwd: Status Update from WebFWD - Jan 20th

Pascal Finette | Mozilla
2012-01-20 @ 19:32
Dear WebFWD Weekly Update-Subscribers (or shorter: Dear Friends!),

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Subject: Status Update from WebFWD - Jan 20th
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 11:27:32 -0800
From: Pascal Finette | Mozilla <>

Dear Friends of WebFWD,

Over the last couple of weeks we have been hard at work on turning
WebFWD into an even more robust and scalable offering. One of the common
comments we heard (and experienced ourselves) centers around the fact
that we have projects in very different stages of their life-cycle in
our program - from part-time open source projects to startups (plus we
find ourselves talking to well established corporations about open
source and open innovation from time to time).

Which lead us to think long and hard about segmenting our offerings into
tiers. We came up with the following structure - and would love to get
your feedback on this:

# WebFWD's Three Tier-Offering

(1) Open Source Projects
Characterized by an usually somewhat loose structure with people working
on the project part-time.

We offer all the great stuff which makes up WebFWD today:
  - Being part of the WebFWD community and network
  - Access to our mentors
  - Participation in our LearnFWD webinar sessions
  - Access to Mozillians
  - All the great stuff in our goodie bag (free hosting, software,
educational resources, etc)
  - Participation in key WebFWD events
  - Use of the WebFWD brand

(2) Startups
Characterized by a professional structure with people working on the
project full-time.

In addition to the benefits from the Open Source Projects tiers we offer:
  - Learning Modules (consisting of an expert session, work and process
sheets, recommended reading - see below for more information)
  - Regular 1:1 time with WebFWD staff
  - Marketing & event support

(3) Corporations
Characterized as established organizations operating at larger scale.

Individual offering usually consisting of a few hours of expert time
with a WebFWD staffer and on a case-by-case basis other resources.

Note: This tier is meant to be more the exception than the norm and
something we don't advertise broadly.

# Learning Modules

Over the course of the last few months and while working with our
portfolio projects, it became clear that there is a distinct need for
advise in specific areas. Often this advice is somewhat generic across
all the projects and can be packaged into reusable modules consisting of
some time with an expert to guide through the process, work and process
sheets, checklists and additional recommended reading. We plan on
creating a whole set of these modules and start offering them to our
startup tier projects. In addition we plan on opening up these modules
in itself - creating videos with the experts and making the offline
materials available with the goal of providing these resources to a
large(r) group of people outside of WebFWD.

For an overview of planned modules please refer to this chart:

Again, we would love to get your feedback. Anything missing? Would you
like to produce a module with us?

# Evaluation Process

Over the last few weeks we have started to apply Doblin's Ten Types of
Innovation Model (
to our evaluation process -- it proves to be a very robust way for us to
qualify the "disruptiveness" of a project. We plan on refining this
process over the next weeks and start to communicate this out to the
wider community.

As mentioned before - we would love to hear your feedback on all this.
We're best to reach at - please don't reply to this
email directly, your email will vanish in the ethers of our mailing list
server. :)

Onward and upward,

Pascal on behalf of the WebFWD Crew

WebFWD ("Web Forward") is Mozilla's Open Innovation program. We support
Open Source projects which extend the Web; providing participants with
mentorship from industry experts, access to the Mozilla global network,
infrastructure and other world-class resources.

Find out more about us at

[+] Pascal Finette - Director Open Innovation Group
[+] M: 650.526.8348
[+] T: @mozwebfwd