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WebFWD Weekly Status Update Sep 24th

WebFWD Weekly Status Update Sep 24th

Pascal Finette |
2011-09-24 @ 18:56
Another week, another update. This one comes fresh from the tail end of 
our European press tour - which, in a nutshell, went extremely well.

As already mentioned in last weeks' update, after speaking at Emerce 
eDay (the largest Internet conference in the Benelux) we went on a press 
tour to talk about WebFWD which brought us to Germany, France and the 
UK. In each country we spoke with select high-profile media in our 
target market of builders, makers, hackers and entrepreneurs.

- Wirtschaftswoche (German BusinessWeek equivalent): Interview and video 
interview; to be published sometime next week
- (leading IT news blog): Interview and video interview; 
article here: "Mozilla sucht programmierende Web- und Weltverbesserer"
- Gruenderszene (German TechCrunch equivalent): Video interview; to be 
published soon
- Heise (leading IT print magazine): Interview; article here: "Mozilla 
will Webprojekten helfen"

- Les Echos (leading business newspaper): Interview; to be published soon
- FrenchWeb (French TechCrunch equivalent): Video interview; to be 
published soon

- BBC World Service: Radio interview; to be broadcasted soon
- The H (leading IT news blog): Interview; article here: "Mozilla's 
WebFWD finds a new speed"
- .net Magazine (leading WebDev magazine): Interview, to be published soon
- Linux User & Developer (leading Open Source magazine): Interview, to 
be published soon

The response we got from journalists was truly phenomenal - in most 
cases we managed to turn them into supporters and evangelists of the 
program. Every person we talked to understood the importance, relevance 
and potential of the program and was keen to support us.

While Pascal was on the road Diane worked hard on getting more structure 
into the program, work closely with our teams, kicked off the first 
weekly team check-in and so much more.

We also managed to meet a potential new WebFWD team from Cambridge 
university while we were in London - stay tuned.

All in all - we're on a great path with lots of traction.

This week we will focus on the operational pieces - making the program 
run smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

All good stuff. Onward.

Pascal Finette | Mozilla
Director WebFWD ยป