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WebFWD Weekly Update - September 18th 2011

WebFWD Weekly Update - September 18th 2011

Pascal Finette |
2011-09-18 @ 12:39
Oh, oh... no update for a while. Let me explain...

First of all - and I haven't done this on this particular list: Welcome 
Diane! Since about two weeks Diane Bisgeier is our new Program Manager 
for WebFWD - and let me tell you, she rocks! In those short two weeks 
(with the last week being the Mozilla All-Hands) she already established 
both weekly check-ins and brown bags for the teams, managed to speak to 
all the teams and get a pulse-check on what they need, works on an 
improved website and video, established many backend processes... the 
list goes on. As we say here at Mozilla: Splendid (splendid is the new 
awesome in case you're wondering).

Then - last week and the coming week I am traveling through Europe to 
establish WebFWD here. I kicked the trip off with a keynote presentation 
at Emerce eDay, the largest Internet conference in the Benelux, then met 
Wirtschaftswoche (Germany's Business Week) for an in-depth interview in 
Cologne and will meet more than 10 leading publications in Germany, 
France and the UK next week. We will keep you posted on the outcome - so 
far the feedback is amazing.

In case you're interested - this was my keynote presentation for eDay:

Next for us is: Diane is working on revamping (and simplifying) our 
website and all the marketing materials, Pascal in the meantime will 
fire up the European press about WebFWD. And in parallel we're looking 
at a couple of teams as potential candidates for the program.

More from us soon - as usual, if you have questions, don't hesitate to 
ping us. And if you can think of anything which might be helpful - ping 
us! We greatly appreciate your support.

Pascal Finette | Mozilla
Director WebFWD ยป