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WebFWD Weekly Update - August 8th

WebFWD Weekly Update - August 8th

Pascal Finette |
2011-08-08 @ 19:58
With a little delay (blame procrastination) - here's the weekly progress 
update on WebFWD:

Making the main thing the main thing - we got our first team accepted. 
Jaisen and his team of contributors from OpenPhoto will join the program 
as our first Fellow towards the end of August. This is not yet public - 
so please refrain from excited tweeting, blogging, emailing for now.

We further had some great discussions with the wonderful folks at the 
Collaborative Fund - let's see what we can do together. And we're happy 
to welcome Nitobi (makers of PhoneGap) to our ever-growing list of 
mentors. :)

Also done this Week:
- Team evaluation & selection for first batch of Fellows (nearly completed)
- Finalized first iteration of Fellow curriculum
- Started identification & outreach process to relevant projects
- Submitted speaker proposals to LeWeb & WIRED UK Conference
- Presentation at Bay Area Mobile Meetup
- First round of interviews for Program Manager role
- Setup next CoffeeFWD event []
- Meeting with WSOH (World Series of Hack) winners

Coming up this Week:
- Select first teams for Fellow program
- Concentrated outreach effort
- More interviews for Program Manager position

As always - you can help us tremendously by introducing us to 
interesting people, projects and companies. :)