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WebFWD Weekly Update - August 28th

WebFWD Weekly Update - August 28th

Pascal Finette |
2011-08-29 @ 03:47
w00t! We've got our first teams in and starting to ramp them up - and I 
personally couldn't be happier about our first batch of Fellows. If you 
haven't done so - make sure you check them out!

Here's the announcement blog post - We 
also created a projects page on our website to keep track of them: (we're working on getting these 
projects into Betafarm, the new Mozilla Labs/Innovation website - - which will give them even more presence). 
The teams (and our mentors) are already communicating and collaborating 
in our Yammer channel.

The two Fellows also blogged about their inclusion into the program - I 
am truly chuffed (stoked for my American readers) by their posts. Big 
shoes to fill!

CASH Music on WebFWD:

OpenPhoto on WebFWD:

We further added AgileZen and Media Temple to our growing list of 
awesome partners - thanks for your support guys! In related news we had 
a couple of awesome meetings with the Collaborative Fund, Tim Hwang (of 
Awesome Foundation fame) and 2600Hz. More on this soon.

Other than that we're gearing up for Diane, who's starting as our 
Program Manager in the first week of September and our European press 
tour in mid-September.

WebFWD onward!

Pascal Finette | Mozilla
Director WebFWD ยป