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WebFWD Weekly Update - August 19th

WebFWD Weekly Update - August 19th

Pascal Finette |
2011-08-19 @ 21:42
Dear friends, mentors & partners,

We're getting so close... Early next week we will announce our first two 
WebFWD Fellows: OpenPhoto ( and CASH 
Music ( Personally I couldn't be happier than 
having these two projects in the program. :)

And we've set up a "Friends of WebFWD" program to give some projects we 
really like but which don't fit the WebFWD bill 100% a home - stay 
tuned, more about this next week.

On the people side we have happy and sad news. Didem, our superstar 
intern, will leave us today. Sad news. And Diane Bisgeier, our new 
superstar program manager will join us in about 2 weeks. Happy news.

Other than that we could win the wonderful people from Braintree for our 
partner program - Braintree provides end-to-end payment solutions (and 
doesn't suck!) and will offer their great expertise to our projects if 
and when they need payment solutions.

In day-to-day terms we were busy with outreach, getting WebFWD onto a 
couple of Mozilla properties, running our second CoffeeFWD event this 
Friday, communicating with applicants, setting up infrastructure...

In infrastructure news - we decided to use Yammer for team 
communication. Those of you who are mentors will get an invite sometime 
early next week. Feel free to join the discussion - it's mostly meant as 
a way for us to communicate with the projects (and the projects amongst 
themselves) but we would love to see the mentors in this network as well.

Have a great weekend everyone. :)

Pascal Finette
Director WebFWD ยป