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Announcement from our friends at The Designer Fund

Announcement from our friends at The Designer Fund

Pascal Finette |
2011-08-15 @ 16:39
Dear mentors & friends,

Enrique from The Designer Fund just forwarded me the following message 
and asked to spread it to our network -- this sounds like a great event, 
please feel free to join and forward to interested people in your 
network! :)


Calling all hackers and companies interested in meeting cool designers- 
come to the Designer Fair on Friday August 26th from 4-6pm at 500 
Startups in downtown Mountain View. RSVP directly on

About- A Science Fair for Kickass Designers
Designers are building cool things all over Silicon Valley - it's about 
time for show and tell to learn from each other. From young students to 
seasoned designers, there will be an array of delightful talent 
presenting their work at the Designer Fair. We especially hope that 
designers and hackers will find love together.

Meet top designers you wish you could work with and find gems in the 
rough you might want to hire, fund & partner with.
-Meet hard to find designers
-See their stories & work
-Find a match

Whether you're a designer at a big company, startup, or freelancing, 
come show off your work and meet other cool designers.
-Show off your work with talented peers
-Meet potential co-founders
-Meet potential investors & partners