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WebFWD Weekly Update - July 29th

WebFWD Weekly Update - July 29th

Pascal Finette |
2011-07-29 @ 20:04
Welcome to the 2nd weekly WebFWD update.

If you have missed the first newsletter - mails to this list are 
archived here:

As usual - feel free to contact me and/or the WebFWD team at any time 
via email (, IRC, phone... We love to hear from you.

And here's the week at WebFWD:

# tl;dr

# Program
We launched the Fellows program! :) Blog post - 
/ Updated website -

Further we took a stab at the current application pool and identified 
three strong candidates for the initial batch for the Fellow program. 
We'll let you know more about them next week.

# Operations
We're putting the final touches on our curriculum - the program shapes 
up nicely with a well-balanced mix of workshops, mentor sessions and 
interaction between the projects and the wider WebFWD community.

Focus for the coming week is on getting the word out, identifying 
relevant projects which we want to approach directly and ramping up 

Please continue to help us with 1) spreading the word about WebFWD and 
2) pinging us when you see an awesome project you think should be part 
of WebFWD.

The WebFWD team