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WebFWD - Help us find a Program Manager

WebFWD - Help us find a Program Manager

Pascal Finette |
2011-07-25 @ 18:43
Dear Friends, Mentors & Partners,

As mentioned in our inaugural weekly update on Friday - WebFWD is going 
strong, is a tremendous amount of fun and we find ourselves in the 
middle of the proverbial perfect storm. Which means: We need help! More 
specifically: A Program Manager who works with me turning ideas into 

If you know someone - please send them my way. (Preliminary) job spec below.


/// WebFWD - Program Manager

Mozilla, the organization behind the Firefox Web browser, is looking for 
an all-star to join our new accelerator/incubator program WebFWD 
( which aims to do for the open Web what organizations 
such as Y Combinator, TechStars and Seedcamp have done for startups.

As the Program Manager of WebFWD you are charged with leading the 
overall program - from designing and managing the curriculum, supporting 
the selected teams locally as well as globally, working with our 
ever-growing list of mentors and partners to organizing events.

If you're passionate about the Web, want to help people build amazing 
products and are willing to roll-up your sleeves, then this position is 
for you.

Primary responsibilities:
* Design and manage the curriculum for both the Fellow program as well 
as the Bootcamp
* Work with and support teams in the program (both locally and remote)
* Work with our mentors and partners
* Coordinate community and press outreach on a worldwide basis
* Create and run events (locally and remote)

* Excellent written and verbal communication skills
* Experience with organizing and running events
* Experience working with startups, entrepreneurs, venture capital and 
incubators / accelerators a huge plus
* Proven ability to work independently and in cross-functional teams
* Familiarity with Web technologies
* Passionate about helping people and solving problems
* Enjoys learning and teaching others
* Works effectively in a fast-paced, start-up environment
* 3-5 years of relevant job experience
* BA/BS, or equivalent experience