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WebFWD Weekly Update - July 22nd

WebFWD Weekly Update - July 22nd

Pascal Finette |
2011-07-22 @ 21:39
Welcome to our inaugural weekly WebFWD update.

We will try to give you a concise picture of what we did in the last 
week, what we're working on and what's coming down the road for WebFWD. 
Plus we'll add the random bit of chitchat. ;)

Please feel free to contact us at any time either in person (if you're 
in MV) or via email at, email to any of the team 
members (Didem Ersoz, Julie Choi, Tobias Leingruber and Pascal Finette), 
IRC, telephone - you name it. We want to hear from you.

Without much further ado - the week at WebFWD:

# Program
We eat our own dog food and modify ("pivot" in the world of lean 
startups ;)) WebFWD based on strong customer feedback: After rolling out 
our current offering (the 4-week bootcamp) and speaking with lots of 
potential candidates it became apparent that the market has a strong 
need/desire for a program which is longer in duration (6-12 months) and 
less high-touch.

So we will introduce the WebFWD Fellow program on Monday next week - 
WebFWD Fellows are projects which will receive all the benefits from the 
4-week bootcamp minus the bootcamp (and financial aid) itself for 6 
months with the option to extend to a full year. As we are not bound by 
physical presence of the project in a specific location we will open the 
Fellow program for projects from all around the world.

Check out later next week for full details.

# Operations
If you're in MV you might have seen our Kanban board - we're tracking 
and logging all our activities on an electronic Kanban board which is on 
public display at the 2nd floor on Castro St. Read more about our Kanban 
board here:

In terms of "actions completed" we cleaned out a s#%&load of todos this 
week - anything from a bunch of blog posts to signing up Seedcamp 
(Europe's Y Combinator) and Teens in Tech (an amazing organization 
focussed on teaching Highschoolers coding and entrepreneurial skills) to 
project management and team org. Further we reached out to hundreds of 
universities, hacker organizations, etc. -- all with the goal of gearing 
up the program for a mid-August start.

# Team Manual
As we develop & build the program, create a team around the WebFWD ideas 
and get processes stood up, we started to document all this in a team 
manual - it's very much work in progress but you can see it on our wiki 

Once the manual is in some shape it will help us onramp new team members 
faster, guide our actions (and make sure we stay on track), identify the 
stuff which worked and didn't and overall provide us with a much better 
and deeper insight into our own work (and hopefully will serve other 
projects as inspiration).

# tl;dr
- Tons of nitty gritty work done this week
- New partners: Seedcamp & Teens in Tech (with more to come)
- Lots of outreach activity
- Introduction of new Fellow program early next week

Please continue to help us with 1) spreading the word about WebFWD and 
2) pinging us when you see an awesome project you think should be part 
of WebFWD.

The WebFWD team