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WebFWD Weekly Status Update - Dec 22nd

WebFWD Weekly Status Update - Dec 22nd

Pascal Finette | Mozilla
2011-12-22 @ 23:53
Dear WebFWDers,

Let me begin this email with a huge, heart-felt THANK YOU to all of you. 
When we started working on WebFWD in April of this year, we would have 
never thought it could grow so fast and become the well-rounded program 
it is today. Along the way we received not only a lot of encouragement 
and feedback - you all rolled up your sleeves and helped built this 
program. So - thank you. You made WebFWD what it is today. And you 
continue to shape the program - trust me: This is only the beginning!

Here's a quick update on what happened in the last week - as you all 
know, we had our first Summit, which by all means and measures was a 
huge success. We will roll out a series of blog posts summarizing the 
amazing sessions the teams had with mentors and experts -- to hear & see 
the teams present their respective projects, check out this blog post:

We are about to finalize our 2012 and detailed Q1/2012 goals - I will 
share those with you when we have them approved. And we're heads-down in 
planning, scheming and supporting our teams.

On the "supporting our teams" end, we introduced the teams to a set of 
tech advisors - the idea was to match each team with a volunteer inside 
of Mozilla who can help the team with technical questions. The Mozilla 
community showed tremendous support and a lot of people stepped forward 
offering help for our teams. Pascal is further working directly with 
some of the teams helping them with business strategy and related topics.

And Diane wrote a superb review of WebFWD in 2011 - very well worth 

And with that - HAPPY HOLIDAYS everyone! You guys ROCK!

Diane, Havi, Didem & Pascal

P.S.: Our motto for 2012: "Let The Games Begin"... Very much looking 

WebFWD ("Web Forward") is Mozilla's Open Innovation program. We support
Open Source projects which extend the Web; providing participants with
mentorship from industry experts, access to the Mozilla global network,
infrastructure and other world-class resources.

Find out more about us at

[+] Pascal Finette - Director Open Innovation Group
[+] M: 650.526.8348
[+] T: @mozwebfwd