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WebFWD Weekly Update - 12/12/11

WebFWD Weekly Update - 12/12/11

Pascal Finette | Mozilla
2011-12-12 @ 17:33
This will be a short one - as we will have our first ever WebFWD Summit 
this week!

As a quick reminder: We invited the WebFWD teams to Mountain View, CA 
for three days of learning, ideas exchange, building & creating, 
networking & mingling and some solid fun. You can find the agenda here:

And with that we want to take the opportunity to quickly remind you that 
you are cordially invited to join our Mixer event on Thursday night - if 
you haven't done so, please RSVP here *today*:

In other news we started doing weekly 1:1 sessions with our teams which 
prove to be highly valuable; see some solid incoming deal flow over the 
last couple of weeks; are pretty happy with our new website and are 
working on 2012 planning and execution (lots of cool stuff coming!). All 
around -- Good stuff.

As always: Don't be shy - send us an email if you have 
questions/comments/rants & raves.

See you on Thursday @ MozHQ

Diane, Havi & Pascal

WebFWD ("Web Forward") is Mozilla's Open Innovation program. We support
Open Source projects which extend the Web; providing participants with
mentorship from industry experts, access to the Mozilla global network,
infrastructure and other world-class resources.

Find out more about us at

[+] Pascal Finette | Director WebFWD
[+] 650.526.8348
[+] @mozwebfwd