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WebFWD Weekly Status Update 2011-11-07

WebFWD Weekly Status Update 2011-11-07

Pascal Finette |
2011-11-07 @ 17:47
Dear WebFWD Community,

The last week Diane and I continued our focus on turning WebFWD into a 
well-oiled machine. Efficiency and effectiveness are the keywords here. 
To keep with the tradition - let's not waste any more words and get to it:

* The WebFWD Scout program launched with great success; we now have 
dozens of Scouts literally all over the world. Focus will now be to give 
our Scouts all the tools they need, to be as effective as possible in 
identifying great new projects. []

* On the backend we moved our website to a new, much simpler 
architecture which will allow for much quicker turnaround times. 

* We published and communicated WebFWD's Rules of Engagement 

* Rainer, Mozilla's inhouse video producer is currently finishing up a 
new video for us - the idea is to communicate what WebFWD is about in a 
friendly and engaging way. Check out the preview. []

* Diane and I had a couple of interesting meetings and are in the 
process of adding some truly high caliber partners to our network.

* We started 2012 planning... Today's WebFWD is only act 1. :)

# Upcoming:

* Diane will be in SE Asia starting Friday.
* Lots of 2012 planning...

Diane & Pascal

Pascal Finette | Mozilla
Director WebFWD ยป