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WebFWD - Weekly Status Update Oct 17th

WebFWD - Weekly Status Update Oct 17th

Pascal Finette |
2011-10-17 @ 20:48
Another week another update. :)

We spent most of last week with good old "getting stuff done" work (I 
know - not very glamorous). Diane and I worked through a bunch of todos, 
focused on getting our processes stood up and ready them for scale. The 
new teams were on-boarded and we had our first, successful LearnFWD 
event - talking about "7 Lessons from Mozilla" and using the Big Blue 
Button Open Source presentation tool.

Linux User & Developer magazine published a story on WebFWD which came 
out of an interview with them during my European press tour:

Diane will be on a trip throughout South-East Asia, attending the 
MozCamp in Kuala Lumpur and hitting Singapore and Indonesia on the way. 
If you have any contacts in the region - please let us know! :)

We are about to relaunch our website this week - first step is to move 
the site to a new publishing model (much easier to maintain for us) and 
then a new design (coming in the next 4 weeks or so).

Other than that - we're in heads-down, getting work done mode.


Pascal Finette | Mozilla
Director WebFWD ยป