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You are invited: WebFWD's first LearnFWD today at 2pm PST

You are invited: WebFWD's first LearnFWD today at 2pm PST

Diane Bisgeier
2011-10-10 @ 16:48
Dear Friends of WebFWD: 
Today we will kick off our series of learning sessions (titled "LearnFWD")
at 2pm PST - we'll have Pascal Finette share some very actionable lessons 
(7, in fact) from the Mozilla Project. A schedule of our upcoming 
LearnFWDs for October is below; moving forward, the best way to stay 
apprised is to join our Yammer group so please let me know if you need an 


To join this meeting remotely, please use a headset with your laptop and go to: 

...and enter "Mozilla All Hands" room, using the password allhand 

If you won't be at a computer (though we really want to test this on your 
computers to simulate a visual learning session , you o dial into the 
conference bridge using 

613-366-1985 (toll free: 1-866-964-7085 ) 

....and enter the extensions for the following rooms (you don't have to 
remember these as they are printed in the chat welcome message): #87133 - 
Mozilla All Hands 

...And here's the October lineup for the rest of October: 

October 17 : Prototyping for multiple platforms -- ZURB Interaction Design
& Strategy 
October 24 : Naming your product or service for impact -- Alexandra 
Watkins , Chief Innovation Officer, EatMyWords 
October 31 : Zero-budget marketing -- Jane Finette 

Diane Bisgeier 
Program Manager 
Mozilla WebFWD