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Wand 0.3.0a1 is available

Wand 0.3.0a1 is available

Hong Minhee
2013-05-25 @ 21:40

First of all, we are sorry for late of releasing Wand 0.3 and repeated 
delaying of it.  Today, however, we happily announce to Wand 0.3.0a1 is 
available.  As you can guess from its version name, it is not stable but 
alpha yet, but please try it out and report any issues you have to the 
issue tracker.

You can download Wand 0.3.0a1 tarball at:

and report issues to:

Please read the detailed post about announcing this at my personal blog.  
This also deals with how to add this alpha release to dependencies:

Hong Minhee