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Any A/V Creative Types here?

Any A/V Creative Types here?

Cecil Coupe
2014-09-25 @ 07:39
Hi all.

   Since folks are trying to use Shoes 3.2 packaging, and that has 
always been confusing and nobody reads the out of date  technical wiki 
or mailing archives), I thought it might be helpful for the new folks if 
there was a screencast video, youtube-y  thing that could walk and talk 
the new arrivals through packaging. Single script vs shy, maybe show the 
results on the other two platforms.  I know Oraclebox claims it can 
capture video of VM sessions but I've never used it. Maybe an OSX person 
could package an app in OSX for Windows and show it unpacking and 
running in a Windows (VM) or Linux (VM)

   It's not in my skill-set. I don't have the patience to edit video and 
audio but  I have viewed tutorial videos at youtube and other sites to 
get a general idea of what I was thinking about trying or too learn that 
I didn't want to do that. Very helpful. Shoes ought to have that kind of 
beginner material.  If you know how to put an English subtitle in the 
video stream, you wouldn't have to speak English. Considering sound 
quality, an English subtitle is probably a good thing even if you do 
speak it.

BTW. FYI,- I've gotten 'download if needed' packaging working again for 
Windows even if you aren't running Windows.  That's been broken for 
years.  The next version of Shoes 3.2 (probably .16) will have it so 
don't rush to make your video until that's out. Unless you want to go 
cowboy and scratch an itch, your way. The Shoes way.