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Shoes 3,=.2.10. Packager next?

Shoes 3,=.2.10. Packager next?

Cecil Coupe
2014-06-20 @ 06:34
Hi all!

   In case you missed it, I've 'performed' the first non-beta release 
for Shoes 3.2.  Available for current or nearly current Windows, OSX and 
Linux (i686, x86_64 and armhf). It would be realy helpful if people 
tried it out and let me if it works, sort of works or doesn't work at 
all. (it won't hurt your existing Shoes or System and is easily deleted 
if it annoys you).  You can read about it here

   FYI, I've also started to 're-implement' the packager. 


No promises on that.

Give it a try,