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Still making progress with Red Shoes

Still making progress with Red Shoes

Cecil Coupe
2014-02-25 @ 08:34
It's been a few weeks since I've announced anything on the mailing list 
about my Red Shoes maintenance project,  AKA, Shoes 3.2 Federales.  To 
clear up some minor confusion, Federales is the Mexican police force, so 
it is pronounced with a Spanish accent: fed-er-al-heys.  That probably 
confused things more. :^)

I released a Shoes 3.2b2 for Linux, see which 
doesn't sound like a big deal until you get into the details. It can 
build Gems with C extensions using Rubygems version 2.1.11 (and 2.2.20). 
That's almost current state of the fart. (a pun, for non-english 
speakers). You can't build Gems with C ext's if you don't have C and 
make but if you do have them you can install a lot more gems into Shoes 
than Red Shoes ever did before.

  Sadly, 3.2b2 doesn't help our Windows brethren. The next release will 
use ruby 2.1.1 for Windows (and maybe Linux). I have reason to hope 
(HOPE!) 2.1.1 will fix some show stopper threading bugs for Windows.  
Ruby 2.1.1 works fine with my version of Shoes on Linux if you build 
from my github fork.

One more thing: If no one complains, Red Shoes 3.3 will be named 
'walkabout' and the icon probably has hiking boots and the Australian 
flag because I think _why just wandered off and he could return to see 
whose tending his garden when he went away, Or Maybe not.