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Re: [shoes] Still making progress with Red Shoes

Re: [shoes] Still making progress with Red Shoes

ashadul shak
2014-02-25 @ 10:22


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> Date: Tue, 25 Feb 2014 01:34:02 -0700
> From:
> Subject: [shoes] Still making progress with Red Shoes
> To:
> It's been a few weeks since I've announced anything on the mailing list 
> about my Red Shoes maintenance project,  AKA, Shoes 3.2 Federales.  To 
> clear up some minor confusion, Federales is the Mexican police force, so 
> it is pronounced with a Spanish accent: fed-er-al-heys.  That probably 
> confused things more. :^)
> I released a Shoes 3.2b2 for Linux, see 
> which 
> doesn't sound like a big deal until you get into the details. It can 
> build Gems with C extensions using Rubygems version 2.1.11 (and 2.2.20). 
> That's almost current state of the fart. (a pun, for non-english 
> speakers). You can't build Gems with C ext's if you don't have C and 
> make but if you do have them you can install a lot more gems into Shoes 
> than Red Shoes ever did before.
>   Sadly, 3.2b2 doesn't help our Windows brethren. The next release will 
> use ruby 2.1.1 for Windows (and maybe Linux). I have reason to hope 
> (HOPE!) 2.1.1 will fix some show stopper threading bugs for Windows.  
> Ruby 2.1.1 works fine with my version of Shoes on Linux if you build 
> from my github fork.
> One more thing: If no one complains, Red Shoes 3.3 will be named 
> 'walkabout' and the icon probably has hiking boots and the Australian 
> flag because I think _why just wandered off and he could return to see 
> whose tending his garden when he went away, Or Maybe not.
> --Cecil