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Shoes 3.2.16 Is available

Shoes 3.2.16 Is available

Cecil Coupe
2014-10-27 @ 02:37
Hi all

   Shoes 3.2.16 is available for download at a the usual places, and .

   We fixed a long standing bug in Windows where it hung when in the 
background. (or if the system got busy ).

   I've gotten my favorite packaging option working - download if 
needed! It adds a small native code downloader in place of the entire 
Shoes distribution.  When run on the intended system it checks if Shoes 
is already installed. If not then it downloads and installs Shoes. Then 
it runs your script. It fast to package, easier to upload, easier to 
download and its faster for the user. Much faster if they run it a 
second time.
You can package from Windows, OSX, Linux (3 variations) for Windows, OSX 
(mavericks and Yosemite both work) and Linux (3 variations). Most of you 
won't try all 25 combinations but you could.

For extra benefits, the download url IS NOT hardcoded in those native 
code downloaders so it can be changed easily if some other site wants or 
needs to host the Shoes installs instead of me.

As always, my thanks to those who filed bugs reports at and a H/T to Backorder who helped 
me with the Windows issues.  Follow Shoes 3.2 progress at it's blog,