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Self assessment before the pull.

Self assessment before the pull.

Cecil Coupe
2014-01-24 @ 10:04
Hi all!

   Before I issue a pull request and Steve (or someone) has to sort 
through it all the commits, I thought I'd write up a lengthy and pithy 
"summary" of what I'd hoped to achieve and my actual progress against 
that yardstick.  That way, when the inevitable thought pops up - "why 
the hell did he do that?" then the uber maintainer (or historians) could 
read what my intention was. I could email Steve privately but it's 
public webpage 
so I might as well let every one share their opinion here or at the 


Re: [shoes] Self assessment before the pull.

Steve Klabnik
2014-01-24 @ 18:56
Nice! Thanks for posting this. Will check it out soon.