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Shoes 3.2 (Federales) Windows/Gtk3 - Proof of Concept

Shoes 3.2 (Federales) Windows/Gtk3 - Proof of Concept

Cecil Coupe
2014-01-12 @ 09:06
Hi All,

   I managed to cross compile a mostly working Red Shoes and installer 
for Windows using my Linux box and tested it with a Win7 VM.  You can 
get more details at Although it's 
harmless to install, it's not for the casual user and **it doesn't fix 
anything** in Red Shoes that regular Shoes users would care about. That 
said, it does demonstrate that Red Shoes can be moved to the future 
without knowing very much about Windows.

   Long time mailing list denizens might remember I tried to do this 2 
or 3 years ago and I gave up. As they say, "this time it's different!". 
Are there problems? More than I care to count!  But, compared to what 
does work (a lot), it's a nice proof-of-concept. It doesn't run in Wine 
though so you'll need a windows box or a VM.