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Jruby GSOC - Shoes

Jruby GSOC - Shoes

Peter Fitzgibbons
2012-03-26 @ 21:06
I posted a Shoes idea to Jruby GSOC

Shoes on JRuby

Shoes is a cross-platform toolkit for writing graphical apps easily and
artfully using Ruby. Unlike most other GUI toolkits, Shoes is designed to
be easy and straightforward without losing power. Really, it’s easy! Shoes
needs you! There are three research implementations of Shoes on JRuby. Your
work will go toward merging the libraries, choosing the best GUI lib for
Shoes (SWT, Swing, Gtk?), and implementing a startup framework that makes
Shoes on JRuby truly cross-platform.

I am working on figuring out how to submit as a mentor for this project.

Peter Fitzgibbons
(847) 859-9550
IM GTalk: peter.fitzgibbons