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More difficulty with my app

More difficulty with my app

Jesse Edelstein
2012-02-16 @ 22:06
My apologies for the repeated email (if indeed the first one reached
this list.) It seems my institution does not take email delivery too
seriously, and I wanted to make sure this one gets through!

Re-sent message follows (originally responding to ashbb, who made a
few excellent tweaks to my program)

Thank you! I can't quite figure out what you changed from the diff,
but hey, it works when before it didn't. If I ever publish this stuff,
I'll have to remember to put you in the thank-yous.

I have another code issue - I implemented the SART task (the layout is
unfinished but I think all the logic is there) but now I can't get the
instructions stack for this task to go away. I mean, I wrote this bit
of vindictive code to try and thoroughly remove the stack, but it
seems to have no effect, and the SART Task somehow runs in the
background, not displaying its cues:

  close_this_thing = do

I mean, is it possible for Shoes to execute that part of the code but
not remove those elements from the app? Maybe it's not getting called
at the right time but I can't figure out why that would be. Anyway I
would really appreciate a quick code audit from anyone who's willing: I hate to ask for so much help instead of
figuring it out myself, but I've got people coming to do this study in
an hour. :P

Cheers, Jesse