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[brown_shoes] a break

[brown_shoes] a break

Peter Fitzgibbons
2012-02-01 @ 03:29
HI Folks,
I'm going to put down brown_shoes for a bit.  I'm stressing myself out!
The last commit has a first attempt at a Rakefile.
$ rake specs

Obvious things that could be done :
* refactor Rakefile into spec:swt_shoes, spec:swing_shoes,
spec:white_shoes, spec:shoes, spec:all (default), spec => spec:all
* figure out how to close a Java Swing window upon spec completion.  Right
now it blocks the ruby process from exiting.   See ./rspec-swing and note
the exit(0)

I will answer all questions anyone asks pertaining to brown-shoes.
I will pick this up again, maybe in a couple of weeks.

Shoes On.
Peter Fitzgibbons
(847) 859-9550
IM GTalk: peter.fitzgibbons