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Shoes + Gstreamer

Shoes + Gstreamer

J. Kaiden
2011-09-27 @ 15:12
hey folks,

  well, continuing in the effort to get audio and video support going for
Shoes, i thought i'd put my version of red Shoes + Gstreamer up on

  i run ubuntu 10.04, i'd be interested to know if this works on other
systems as well - sure hope so!

  i did a test install (on ubuntu) by downloading the .tar.gz, extracting
it, and then running 'rake' from within the newly created directory - give
it a shot, it worked for me anyway ;)

  with the links ashbb provided for installing Gstreamer on Windows , and the gems that he and kou are working
...maybe we can get this working on Windows as well - i'm going to try and
get it going on my WinXP box, just haven't gotten around to it yet.

  if you aren't familiar with gstreamer, try it out - it's pretty
straightforward, sounds good, and is well documented...

  here's a link to a tutorial:
  and the api:

  Shoes on, rock on...

  - j