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[ANN] shoes-cucumber 0.0.2 released!

[ANN] shoes-cucumber 0.0.2 released!

Steve Klabnik
2011-09-26 @ 05:38
shoes-cucumber 0.0.2 has been released!

* <>

shoes-cucumber is a set of expectations that allows you to write
Cucumber tests for your Shoes apps.

Given the sub-1.0 version number, this library is obviously experimental.

Tobias Pfeiffer contributed all of the code that's gone into this
release. He's awesome. :)


Scenario: Clicking on Alert results in a popup
   Given the Shoes application in "features/example_programs/simple.rb"
   When I click the button labeled "Alert!"
   Then a popup with text "Hello World!" should appear


### 0.0.2 / 2011-09-25

* Major enhancements:

shoes-mocks now extracted out into its own library in its own right.

10 step definitions provided, mostly around the stuff that shoes-mocks
0.0.2 is able to do.