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I broke your homebrew

I broke your homebrew

Eric Watson
2011-09-24 @ 23:14
Hi all,

I just discovered that, if you have tried to build Shoes on OS X over the 
past month or so, I have broken (temporarily!) your Homebrew install. When
in the future, you run

  brew update

you will have merge conflicts with Library/Formula/pango.rb and/or 
Library/Formula/glib.rb that prevent the update from running.

If you should run into this problem, please resolve the conflicts in those
two files by accepting the REMOTE version, and discarding the local 
changes. Commit the changes, and your update should run smoothly.

This problem was caused because I was *merging* in custom formulas for our
Shoes build, which created a commit in your repository. I have fixed this 
process in HEAD. Now, we only *temporarily* check out formulas for the 
build, and do not commit them. Your repository will not be modified, 
except for the addition of a new remote called "shoes", and a fetch on 
that remote.

I apologize for the inconvenience.

Happy Shooooesing!