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Shoes Issue #74

Shoes Issue #74

2011-07-13 @ 07:14
Hey there!

There's a new Shoes self: #74

Here's a link:

And you can find out all about it below! Have a great day!

- The Shoes Robot

> "Crashes after 15 minutes?"
> -------------------
> Reported on IRC:
> 21:10 < Newhydra> hey, have you guys had a problem on windows where 
shoes apps quit after running for 10-15 minutes?
> 21:11 < Newhydra> unexpected error
> 21:11 < Newhydra> happens with basically anything I write or any example
programs (and the shoes manual)
> 21:29 < Newhydra> (the error is "microsoft visual c++ runtime library 
runtime error, c:\program files\common files\shoes\0.r1514\shoes.exe, the 
application has requested the runtime to terminate it in an unusualy way, 
please contact the aplpication's support team for more information"
> Could this be related to ?