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Shoes Issue #111

Shoes Issue #111

2011-07-13 @ 07:08
Hey there!

There's a new Shoes self: #111

Here's a link:

And you can find out all about it below! Have a great day!

- The Shoes Robot

> "Process never ends"
> -------------------
> I'm using shoes 3 (0.r1514) on windows 7 ultimate x64, 
> Doing some testing, I noticed that when starting an application by the 
shoes, everything happened perfectly, except for the fact that close it, 
it disappeared from the taskbar, but still spending memory and being shown
in Task Manager.
> Testing the same tests on a machine with Windows XP x86 the same mistake
does not happen, and the application was really closed by close it.
> PS.: The same test application, spends about 35Mb of RAM on windows 7 
x64 and 15mb  on Windows XP x86, a large and noticeable difference.
> Sorry for my English,
> Luciano.