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A quick note about GitHub

A quick note about GitHub

Steve Klabnik
2011-01-02 @ 20:05
Hey guys-

Since we've seen a renewed interest in Shoes, and a bunch of people trying
to compile it... I rolled back the master branch of shoes/shoes to the
Policeman release. This should help in case the development branch is a
little bit broken, as 3.0.0 is (theoretically) stable.

Everyone's changes on develop are still there, though. Today, I'm
investigating the move away from 1.9.1, either in the 1.9.2 or 1.8.7
direction. I think Cecil's stability point is totally valid. I think I might
try to build both regardless, and see if I can crowdsource some stability
testing... a few people have mentioned wanting to beta test new versions