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Policeman Packager Bug Reports

Policeman Packager Bug Reports

Cecil Coupe
2010-08-21 @ 04:06
I tried to package a script as a binary executable, command line '$
shoes -p'

(1) the 'download shoes if needed' option wasn't available, just include
shoes with or w/o video. Annoying.

(2) I select novideo and check Windows, OSX, Linux. The Windows exe is
downloaded and built but Shoes dies on the osx. The first time I tried
it I got an alert message about osx/shoes-novideo.dmg not available.
Presumably this a website issue (no dmg for the name that pack.rb wants)

(3) Sadly I didn't write down the error because when I tried to open the
console window I got a 

> (<unknown>:3887): GLib-WARNING **: g_main_context_prepare(): main loop 
already active in another thread
> **
assertion failed: (source)

  The second time I tried to package, I got the same GLib error (crash) 
without the alert.
That's a thread race condition in shoes/ruby1.9.1 (triggered most likely 
by the code that throws
up the alert from the bowels of the http download when a 404 happens). 

(3) when I tried to package just Linux, I had the console window open. It 
showed a fail to download
and I got an alert but as I tried to copy and paste it into this email, 
all the windows disappeared 
with the crash from the Glib error only this time I got a ruby thread dump too. 

You could say the errors would go away if the website had the files expected by 
pack.rb been available. On the other hand, its a good time to figure out 
what is wrong.

(4) there is the larger issue about why there is no option on the splash 
screen to 
package binaries/ It's only available to the command line folks.