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Fwd: [shoes] system calls in Shoes

Fwd: [shoes] system calls in Shoes

Patrick Smith
2010-05-22 @ 16:43
So, this came to me...

To clarify, by "system call" I mean a call to the underlying OS. I'm not
sure Kernel.system, or exec would work, because they don't return the

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From: Angela <>
Date: Sat, May 22, 2010 at 2:27 AM
Subject: [shoes] system calls in Shoes
To: Patrick Smith <>

Just to let you know the shortcut methods don't work for me on windows xp as
you describe - I think _why chose to override these, or at least not
accomodate them.

However if I use 'system' to make the call it works fine, maybe this is
passed as is to the interpreter  or maybe _why has a custom method to
simulate this either way its worth a try to get what you want!

Apologies for the personal mail but librelist still wont let me on, perhaps
you could forward this reply for me?


Chapak Patrick Smith