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Where are the real downloads?

Where are the real downloads?

Cecil Coupe
2010-03-19 @ 04:45
I'm still fighting the packager issues.

I hate to be such a pain in the behind but I'm getting 404 errors trying
to download (by
browser or from Shoes packager). Perhaps policeman isn't available since
we're still building policeman. Which means that to test
policeman/packaging, I should pretend to be raisins? My mind whirls how
badly I can get that wrong.

Trying for in the
browser gets me an html page with a single line showing: and that's 
not the same as the download page shows

I think the server should have done an http redirect (301/302), right?

Once last nit-pick worry. I package my scripts so that the user has to 
download and run
them and the package downloads Shoes. In the pack.rb code I don't see  
the new uri being encoded into the exe, dmg or .run which makes me
suspicious that the old _why sites are still in the static/stubs/*  

Thanks for your patience.