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Building Shoes on 64 bit Linux

Building Shoes on 64 bit Linux

2010-02-07 @ 23:04
(trying to send to Librelist again)

Steve and others,

I've been going through some of the issues open on Shoes. There's  
issue 13 on Shoes regarding being unable to build on 64 bit Linux. In  
commenting on the issue, I recalled (slightly incorrectly it seems)  
you having issues with Shoes on 64 Bit Linux and commented that "as  
far as I knew it wouldn't build on 64 Bit Linux".

Reading what you've put below it seems you can but it on 64 Bit, but  
it doesn't run great?

Anyway, Zaius also commented on this issue that they'd successfully  
built it on 64 bit Linux and the reason they'd done so was to  
eliminate segmentation faults (your issue below?).

Might be worth taking a look at Zaius's comments and see if they help  


On 20 Dec 2009, at 12:14, Steve Klabnik <> wrote:

> I just tried to build a fresh shoes, and got the same error.
> $ ./dist/shoes ../hacketyhack/h-ety-h.rb
> ./dist/shoes: line 24:  1495 Segmentation fault      LD_LIBRARY_PATH=
> $APPPATH $APPPATH/shoes-bin "$@"
> I'm on 64 bit Arch, though.
> Any solutions for this? Shoes on 64 bit Linux seems to be wonky...