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1.2 Release and other news

1.2 Release and other news

Kaspar Schiess
2011-03-04 @ 09:41
Hi List,

I will release parslet 1.2 soon. The big change in this release is that 
all parses return slices instead of strings as their leafs (in 
intermediary tree). This means that a tree from str('a').as(:i) will 
inspect as

   i: "a"@0

and that you could ask that string for its line and column 
(str.line_and_column). These changes are already in master; If you want 
to peek into it and perhaps review master for bugs, now would be a good 
time ;)

I will push out 1.2 so that I can begin merging (and working) on left 
recursion. This is largely covered by stormbrews pull request 
( Left recursion helps in 
these situations:

   rule(:expr) { expr >> str('-') >> num | num }

Currently, you can't do that (it will create a StackOverflow exception) 
- and with the patches in 1.3, you will be able to. Good news!

On a related note: I am thrilled and happy to see you guys taking 
interest. Please keep the contributions coming! Let's make this real good.