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Jumping ship for Google Groups

Jumping ship for Google Groups

Philip Kobernik
2010-11-05 @ 04:38
Yo guys,

we're bailing librelist for google groups to stay organized:

Sign up here:

Tonight we discussed vision for the class-- and decided that the sooner we
get through the book, the faster we can actually get to applying the
concepts in our own little projects and possible group projects.

We discussed completing the book in two weeks, it looks like completing the
depot (part II of the book)  in that time frame will allow for a more
realistic pace.

*The mid-point for completing the depot app is completing 'Task F' or page
155. This is our goal for next week.*
We're also moving the meet to wednesdays for the foreseeable future. See you
Wed, Nov 10th at Cafe Racer.

Post questions or comments to the google group! No more librelist following
this post.


Philip Kobernik
ph: 206.553.9785