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RoR Book Club: Welcome and eBook!

RoR Book Club: Welcome and eBook!

Philip Kobernik
2010-10-26 @ 08:35
Hello! Thanks to the six of you that responded to my first ever STS post.

To sign up for the Ruby on Rails Book Club list, *simply send an email to*

The mail list was started to support a weekly meetup for folks working
through Agile Web Development with Rails (Pragmatic Press).

Having partners in the "book club" will help all of us remain on track--
plus we can bounce problems/epiphanies off each other as we build
the e-commerce project the book develops from start to finish.

Three simple steps to get on the path of enlightenment (fingers crossed).

+ Step 1: Borrow my eBook. 4th edition with beta modifications (read:

+ Step 2: Get your learn on: Read & obey the first chapter. It is 22 pages
of EZ.

+ Step 3: Come! Put Thursday November 4th on your calendar. We will have our
first meeting at 7pm at Cafe Racer. It is a cafe/bar in Ravenna that has an
awesome upstairs den area with a table and couches.

Hope to see you Nov 4th!

Philip Kobernik