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The Crypto Project: Newsletter One

The Crypto Project: Newsletter One

Sir Valiance
2011-09-13 @ 01:25
Hello All,

So we recently made a post to The Crypto Project Blog and figured it would
be appropriate to cross-post to the mailing list, since we don't yet have 
an RSS feed for Blog or any other way to be notified of new entries other 
than Twitter.

Sir Valiance


*The Crypto Project: Newsletter One*

In our first newsletter, we will be simply recapping the accomplishments 
of the past month. The Crypto Project is just starting out and we are glad
to have made such great progress already. There are many active, 
intelligent, and involved individuals contributing documentation and 
guides, code, and setting up servers and services. So far, we have:

*Doubled the Number of Mixminion Nodes*

When we started The Crypto Project, the Mixminion network was dwindling. 
Since then, the network has doubled. The Mixminion Thunderbird plugin is 
now on in a project as a github repository. It needs updating and work, 
but it is a step forward. What we need now are more relays, more server 
exit nodes and developers to work on Mixminion code.

*Dyne:Bolic 3.0 Released*

The hackers released the latest version of the dyne:bolic OS. 
Find version 3.00 at Dyne:bolic.


A lot of the contributions and work has gone into Convergence. We have 
setup our own notary at and have 3 guides related to
convergence in the Guides Section. We also have two convergence notaries 
setup by project members which can be found on our Network Section. 
Individuals are also contributing patches and submitting bugs.

*The Guides Section*

We currently have a Guides Section where 11 guides have been created and 
project members have begun to add content. This is excellent progress and 
hope to continue this trend. If you have questions or ideas for new 
guides, please contact us or add it to the wiki Wishlist Section.


As mentioned previously, we have our Network Section that lists all of 
services The Crypto Project runs as well as the services run by project 
members. If you would like to run a service or have already set one up, 
please contact us and/or add it to the list.

*Pynchon Gate Implementation*

Nick Mathewson started working on a Pynchon Gate (PDF) implementation, 
which can be found on the github repository. It doesn't send or receive 
email yet, but it might turn into something useful. Pynchon Gate is a 
pseudonymous email system designed by Len Sassaman and Bram Cohen.

The Project could use lots of help, including more development and review,
a test suite for the current codebase, and more. Please join in and 
contribute reviews or development.

*Code Audit Feed*

The Code Audit Feed has been under active development. Currently the 
biggest contributions needed are the names of crypto, privacy, anonyminity
and projects that can be added to the database. The project is nearing a 
public beta (along with a renaming - suggestions welcome), and could use 
web designers to start brainstroming a good web interface.


DrWhax has been working on the irssi-otr project. The name should actually
be changed, since it's not only irssi-otr which suffers from bugs; 
pidgin-otr, weechat-otr and xchat-otr suffer from the same bugs like the 
much discussed "/me" bug. This means that if you are having an OTR 
chatsession and you are doing a "/me loves OTR", this won't be encrypted 
and will be sent in the clear, thus leaking requests and exposing that you
are having an OTR chatsession. There are many more bugs which are not 
listed yet on the github repository. If you ever encounter a bug, please 
fill a bug-report! Later this week DrWhax hopes to publish a blog post 
about OTR and the implementations of it.

*Recent Press and New Project Members*

Since we had a little press from Threatpost, Slashdot, and more, the 
number of contributors, individuals on IRC, and the mailing list has 
exploded. With the new members, we hope to receive more development on 
projects, services and servers setup, and the continued work on guides. 
Glad to see all of the new handles!

*Establishing Roles*

From the beginning, we hoped to allow the project to grow and define its 
structure as needed. With the new influx of contributors it was a little 
chaotic at first to handle everyone, but now it seems that things have 
settled a bit. As stated originally, we would one day like to be an 
organization that can fund developers, contributors, researchers and have 
established positions with The Crypto Project. As of right now that point 
a long way away but we soon might need to define roles, email accounts, 
etc. for project members and distributing project responsibilities.

We hope that progress will continue to be made and that we see more 
development on projects, guides being created and updated, and see the 
number of services and servers in the network expand.

Thank You, The Crypto Project