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latest changes to raindrops.git

latest changes to raindrops.git

Eric Wong
2011-08-01 @ 21:30
I've updated some documentation in raindrops.git, but I don't know if
there'll be another feature release in the horizon...

Eric Wong (2):
      watcher: add POST /reset/$LISTENER endpoint rdoc
      TODO: patches welcome!

Along with Jeremy's test fix, those are the only changes since the 0.7.0
release in June.  I may just push out 0.7.1 with the current master
before the end-of-the-week unless there's something worth doing to make
it 0.8.0.

Since Unicorn 4.x (and Rainbows! 4.x) now depend on raindrops, I'm a
little surprised we haven't found any new issues due to the larger

Maybe people can't figure out how to email this list (nor the Unicorn
one) or nobody is using Unicorn 4.x, yet; or there really aren't issues.
If anybody on this list runs into folks having issues with raindrops
outside of this list (e.g. horrifying HTML/JavaScript-based forums and
what not), please point them here since (text-only) email is the only
way I communicate.

Eric Wong