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[ANN] pyudev 0.8 release

[ANN] pyudev 0.8 release

Sebastian Wiesner
2011-01-08 @ 01:18

I'm happy to announce the release of pyudev 0.8.  pyudev is a pure
Python binding to libudev, distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL

This release fixes support for older libudev  versions.  pyudev can
now be loaded using older libudev versions, and the documentation
clearly states, which udev version is required to access types,
properties and methods from pyudev.  The minimum support version of
libudev is currently 151.  The release also adds an easier matching
API, which uses keyword arguments to Context.list_devices()  Please
refer to the changelog [1] for a complete list of changes.

Sebastian Wiesner