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PuzzleNode 2.0

PuzzleNode 2.0

Jordan Byron
2014-12-19 @ 00:53
Hi Everyone,

As most of you know, I’ve been working on a revamped PuzzleNode to 
complement a new round of puzzles. I’ve completed an upgrade to the site’s
internals, but now I need some help rolling out a new design I’ve been 
working on.

At the end of this message I’ve included a few screenshots of pages that 
are already restyled. I’m looking for some help finishing up the rollout, 
including the following sections:

- Discussions
- Leaderboard
- News (Announcements)
- Admin Area **

** For the admin area, I think I’d like to use a vanilla install of 
Twitter Bootstrap, isolating it from the public site’s styles entirely. 
This is mostly busy work, but would be nice to have done before we launch 
the new site. That being said, it isn’t necessary for launch, so it’s 
probably the lowest priority.

Remember our new github address is

Tests are all messed up, so don’t worry about those right now. Reply to 
this email if there is a section you’d like to claim. All I ask is that 
you keep the general aesthetic of the design in mind. Other than that have