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PHPCodeIntel Lives!

PHPCodeIntel Lives!

Devon Weller
2013-09-07 @ 16:36
After a long hiatus, I've picked up work on the PHPCodeIntel plugin once again.

Instructions and code are at

I've changed the scope of the project.  Namely:

+ The plugin is now Sublime Text 3 only.  I've started using ST3 in my 
every day use and I don't plan on going back.

+ I've stopped trying to integrate with Sublime's query_completions API.  
Instead, you trigger completions manually using a quick panel with 
super+alt+enter.  The query_completions API was too hard to work with and 
too unreliable when communicating with code external to Sublime.

I've pushed a new version with the above changes.  Feel free to give it a try!

I intend to use it this coming week in my workflow and hopefully fix any 
show-stopping bugs.  Then I intend to tag a beta version once I've put it 
through it's paces.

- Devon