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Update of the translation module

Update of the translation module

William Martin
2013-02-11 @ 16:01

Some times ago, Loic have rename the "installed_apps" configuration key to
"tested_components" because it's used only by the unit test manager.

It's a lie !

Actually, "installed_apps" is used to generate paths to ".po" files. So,
the code which load translation file is broken. I propose to rename this
last occurrence by "locale_folders", likes 'template_folders'.
"locale_folders" will be an array of path where we can find ".po" files.
All ".po" files find in "locale_folders" will be merge into one by the
photon translation logic.
The interface to access i18n content don't change (_n(), __(), and template

"installed_apps" is also used into the demonstration project, which need
some refresh.

William MARTIN