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Patch for the renderer class

Patch for the renderer class

William Martin
2011-09-05 @ 20:41
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Re: [photon.users] Patch for the renderer class

Loic d'Anterroches
2011-09-15 @ 13:24

On 2011-09-05 22:41, William MARTIN wrote:
> Hi,
> I have write a second class to render template without cache support,
> which it's useful when you are working on your template.
> In the method shortcut::RenderToResponse, the correct renderer is
> selected. With cache support when debug is false, without else.

You cache automatically with Photon, because when you call a second
time, the class will already be defined and thus not loaded. What you
should do if you want a kind of zero caching is that for each call, you
generate a new completely random name for the class packaging the
template, this way you are sure it will not be cached.