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If you wonder why the activity is a bit low

If you wonder why the activity is a bit low

Loic d'Anterroches
2011-04-04 @ 20:01

if you wonder why the activity is a bit low at the moment, the answer is

1. a lot of consulting work for big co during the day.
2. quite some work to test the feasibility of some concepts/ideas for
   Indefero 2 in the evening.

Yes, I start to test small things for Indefero 2. Just stupid stuff like
how to store keep 3 copies of a git repository on the server (1 master
and 2 slaves) and easily switch one or another to be the master and
ensure that I can keep them in sync.

These are not developments as such, more a collection of small tests to
answer questions I have and they are mostly about reliability and data
integrity. I want Indefero 2 to be able to run on 3 boxes and still run
automatically without operator intervention when one fails and still run
with operator intervention if 2 fail (you cannot really do this one
automatically as the one hardware node left cannot tell if the 2 others
are dead or if itself is just disconnected from them and 1 is not the
majority in a 3 node configuration to allow self election as "master").

For the database, the problem is solved by the replica set of MongoDB,
for the application servers (Photon) the problem is solved by Mongrel2 +
ZeroMQ, for the repository data, the problem is not yet solved.


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