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Release of Photon 0.0.6

Release of Photon 0.0.6

Loic d'Anterroches
2011-03-03 @ 10:54

just a note to announce the release of Photon 0.0.6. What is important,
is the good start to get the form handling done. It should be finished
by tomorrow.

We welcome Devon in the team, at the moment he is working on getting the
$ hnu init yourproject up and running with a ready to use project. The
goal here is to provide out of the box a chat server together with the
standard "Hello World!" application. The third application will be the
upcoming tutorial (it requires the form handling).

Correct form handling will provide the foundations to setup more
interesting stuff like Authentication/ACLs etc. I do not need that right
now for my Photon project but, it will be needed just after my current work.

Also, I am providing code coverage analysis of each release now:

you can see the link from here:

The display will need to be adapted, most likely also presenting in a
better way with the percentage 91.03% covered at the moment.

Another next step is to reduce the size of the tests. The
src/photon/tests/data folder is 3.8MB in size for 4.6MB of total size of


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