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WE Roadmap - Authentication

WE Roadmap - Authentication

Loic d'Anterroches
2011-03-12 @ 11:40

I will be working on Photon this WE, what I want to get up and running
is authentication.

As a reminder, authentication is answering the question: Who are you?

I will follow the Pluf/Django path of providing multiple authentication
backend systems. What is important is that the system will not be linked
to a specific user implementation (this is the case with Django at the

Two factor authentication will taken into account right from the start,
I think the future on the web is to always use two factor auth.

Now, it means thinking hard about the states of a client when accessing
a page and the transitions from one state to another. This is important
to find which kind of information is needed and at which step. Knowing
these information exchange is the key to write the corresponding code.


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